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Team Scoring

Team scoring at these championships shall be by place. USATF Rules indicate that when scoring by place:

  • The team score shall be the total of the finishing positions of the scoring members. The team with the lowest total points is the team winner.
  • Runners of incomplete teams, team entries not declared eligible for team scoring, and unattached or individual competitors will be eliminated from team scoring. Non-scoring declared members of complete teams shall retain their finishing positions and thereby displace other runners.
  • When separate competitions are conducted simultaneously, each shall be scored independently. Runners on teams not eligible for a given competition will be eliminated from team scoring in that competition.
  • In the event of a tie between two or more individual runners, each shall score the number of points determined by dividing the total of the finish places by the number of runners who have tied.
  • If a team fails to finish with a complete scoring team, the team members finishing shall be counted as individuals in the race results and shall be eligible to receive individual awards.
  • Ties between two or more teams shall be resolved by determining which team wins the most one-on-one match-ups among their five scoring members, comparing first to first, second to second, and so on through the final scoring place.

Open Division
Teams are comprised of a minimum of 5 athletes and a maximum of 8 athletes. Teams may declare a maximum of 8 athletes on their roster.

Masters Division
Master Men 40+, Master Men 50+ and Master Men 60+ Teams – five (5) individuals shall score with a maximum of nine (9) individuals declared per team.
Masters Men 70+ and Master Men 80+ and all Master Women 40+, 50+, 60+, 70+ and 80+ Teams - three (3) individuals shall score with a maximum of five (5) individuals declared per team. Each Age divisions shall be scored separately by places of the top 3 or 5 team finishers respective of the division. A runner may only be listed on a single team roster. We will score only complete teams. All runners on incomplete teams, runners on teams in other divisions and all unattached runners shall not be included in the team scoring for a division but are eligible for individual awards.
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