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1)       Cutting the Course.  Any competitor who has been found by the Referee to have gained an unfair advantage by receiving assistance or by intentionally shortening the route of the race (“cutting the course”) shall be immediately disqualified.  Race officials will be located at various points along the course to verify that each finisher has completed the entire 5 km course as marked.

2)       Illegal Assistance.  Anyone found to have received illegal assistance is subject to disqualification.  “Assistance” is the conveying of advice, information or direct help to an athlete by any means, including a technical device. It also includes pacing in running or walking events by persons not participating in the event, by competitors lapped or about to be lapped, or by any kind of technical device. Competitors may carry or wear articles of personal equipment such as wrist chronometers and heart-rate monitors. Verbal or other communication, without the use of any technical device, from an individual not on the course shall not be considered assistance. Pacesetting, by a person entered in an event as an officially designated pacesetter, is permissible. A designated pacesetter is a competitor like all others and is eligible to win the race. There will be no official pacesetters in the 2013 USA Cross Country Championships. The use of video, audio and/or communication devices including portable listening devices not capable of receiving communication is prohibited during the race. Do not wear your iPod.

3)       Competition Bib Numbers. Competition bib numbers must be pinned on the front of the outermost layer of clothing that you will be wearing in the race. They should not be folded or cut. All Masters entered in the USA Masters Cross Country Championships must also wear an age/gender “back” number pinned to the back of the outermost layer of clothing that they are wearing in the race. Please use 4 pins to affix the numbers in such a manner that they are visible and will not flip up. Any competitor failing to wear a competition bib number on the front and, for Masters, a visible age/gender “back” number will be subject to disqualification. If your packet is lacking a “back” number, extras will be made available at packet pick-up and at the starting line. If you misplace your bib on race day, please see the Referee at the Finish Line before your race. Bib numbers and any transponder devices must be worn as issued and instructed.

4)       Start Details.  The races will start as scheduled. All registered runners must report to the Clerk of Course at the starting line approximately fifteen minutes prior to the start. Uniforms, spikes, bib numbers and age/gender “back” numbers will be checked at this time. Five minute, three minute and one minute warnings will be given prior to the start of each race. There will be a two-command start: “On your marks” followed by the firing of the starter’s pistol signaling the start of the race.

5)       False start.  A race may be recalled upon a false start or a fall which impacts the field within the first 100m.  Runners who false start are subject to disqualification.

6)       Withdrawal for medical reasons.  A competitor must retire from the race immediately if directed to do so by a duly authorized official of the race or by an appropriately identified member of the race medical staff.

7)       Results and Awards Ceremony – Unofficial results will be posted on-site as soon as possible after each race. Protests concerning the results or conduct of the event shall be made to the Championships Referee at once and no later than one hour after results have been posted. The awards ceremony will take place on site as soon as the results become official.

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