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Time Event Gndr Round
1:30pm 100m men dec
2:00pm hammer throw men final
2:15pm long jump men dec
2:45pm javelin throw women final
3:15pm 100m dash women 1st rd.
3:30pm shot put men dec
3:40pm 100m dash men 1st rd.
4:05pm 110m hurdles men 1st rd.
4:30pm pole vault men final
4:30pm 800m men 1st rd.
4:55pm 800m women 1st rd.
5:00pm long jump men final
5:00pm high jump men dec
5:20pm 400m hurdles women 1st rd.
5:40pm 400m hurdles men 1st rd.
5:45pm discus throw women final
6:00pm javelin throw men final
6:00pm 1500m run men 1st rd.
6:20pm 1500m run women 1st rd.
6:40pm 100m dash women final
6:50pm 100m dash men final
7:05pm 110m hurdles men final
7:15pm 400m dash men dec
7:35pm 3000 steeple women final
7:50pm 5,000m men final
8:05pm End of 1st Day    
Time Event Gndr Round
1:30pm 110m hurdles men dec
2:30pm discus throw men dec
2:45pm long jump women final
3:00pm shot put men final
3:00pm 100m hurdles women hep
4:00pm high jump women hep
4:15pm pole vault men dec
4:45pm 100m hurdles women 1st rd.
5:10pm 400m dash women 1st rd.
5:30pm hammer throw women final
5:35pm 400m dash men 1st rd.
6:00pm 400m hurdles women final
6:00pm shot put women hep
6:10pm triple jump men final
6:10pm 400m hurdles men final
6:15pm javelin throw men dec
6:20pm high jump women final
6:20pm 800m women final
6:30pm 800m men final
6:40pm 200m women 1st rd.
7:05pm 200m men 1st rd.
7:30pm 200m women hep
7:15pm javelin throw men dec
7:50pm 100m hurdles women final
8:00pm 5000m run women final
8:20pm 1500m men dec
8:30pm 10,000m men final
9:00pm End of 2nd Day    
Time Event Gndr Round
7:30am 10km racewalk men final
8:30am 10km racewalk women final
1:00pm long jump women hep
2:15pm pole vault women final
2:15pm javelin throw women hep
2:30pm discus throw men final
2:45pm triple jump women final
2:45pm high jump men final
3:00pm shot put women final
3:15pm 400m women final
3:25pm 400m men final
3:35pm 1500m women final
3:45pm 1500m men final
3:55pm 200m women final
4:05pm 200m men final
4:15pm 800m women hep
4:30pm 3000 steeple men final
4:45pm 3000m run women final
4:55pm End of 3rd Day & End of Meet    


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