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Erica McLain

Erica McLain

Event: Triple Jump
Height: 5-8
Weight: 140
PR: 14.33m/47-00.25 (2010)
Born: 01/24/1986
Current Residence: Menlo Park, Calif.
Hometown: Plano, Texas
High School: Plano (Tex.) East HS '04
College: Stanford '08
Coach: Edrick Floreal
Agent: Jeff Hartwig
Sponsor: Nike
Personal Website
USA Championships
Two-time USA Outdoor champion 2005 (14.01m/45-11.75); 2010 - (13.78m/45-2.50)
2010 USA Indoor Champion 14.06m/46-01.50
2012 USa Indoor runner-up 13.74m/45-1.00
2009 USA Outdoor runner-up 13.91m/45-7.75w
2009 USA Indoor bronze medalist 13.68m/44-10.75
2005 USA Outdoor bronze medalist 13.57m/44-6.25
Two-time USA Junior runner-up - 2004 (13.30m/43-7.75); 2003 (12.71m/41-8-50)
2003 USA Junior bronze medalist 12.85m/42-2.00

International Championships
2006 NACAC U23 runner-up (13.92m/45-08.00)

Collegiate Championships
2008 NCAA champion indoor (14.20m/46-07.25) and outdoor (14.60m/47-11w)
2007 NCAA Indoor champion (13.91m/45-7.75)
2007 NCAA Outdoor 2nd triple jump (13.67m/44-10.25) and 3rd long jump (6.53m/21-05.25)
2006 NCAA Outdoor 2nd triple jump (13.66m/44-09.75) and 3rd long jump (6.41m/21-00.50)
2005 NCAA Indoor runner up (13.62m/44-8.25)
2005 NCAA Outdoor 3rd place (13.62m/44-8.25)

Awards and Honors
U.S. Junior and Collegiate Triple Jump Record Holder
14-time NCAA All-American

About Erica
On March 7, 2011, McLain suffered what some doctors called a career-ending injury. During a practice session, she landed on the edge of the runway and the sandpit and her right foot folded nearly 180 degrees to the inside of her shin and her tibia bone was exposed as it protruded from her skin.  After five days in the hospital and two surgeries, she began the long rehabilitation process and eventually returned to training. 354 days after her traumatic injury, she returned to national competition at the 2012 USA Indoors and took second place. While McLain is still young, she is a veteran of Team USA. After making several World Junior and Youth teams, McLain made her first senior international team during her freshman year at Stanford when she won USA Outdoors and qualified for the 2005 World Championships in Helsinki, making her the youngest member of the team at only 19-years-old. McClain made her first Olympic team weeks after graduating from Stanford and winning the 2008 NCAA Outdoor title. McLain was a three-time Texas state champion in the triple jump. McLain was an all around athlete from a young age participating in gymnastics, soccer, Basketball, figure skating and volleyball. McLain graduated from Stanford with a BA in Communications and a minor in studio art with an emphasis on photography.
Other results
2012: 8th at Olympic Trials (13.05m/42-9.75); 7th at Adidas Grand Prix (13.21m/43-4.25); 1st at Stanford Invitational (13.96m/45-9.75); 2nd at USA Indoors (13.74m/45-1.00).
2011: did not compete due to injury
2010: 8th at Continental Cup (13.62m/44-08.25); 8th at Monaco (13.78m/45-2.50); 3rd at Pre Classic (14.33m/47-0.25); 1st at USA Outdoor (14.18m/46-06.25w); 13th in qualifications of World Indoor (13.54m/44-5.25); 1st at USA Indoor(14.06m/46-01.50);
2009: 32nd in qualifying at World Outdoors (13.39m/43-11.25); USA Outdoor runner-up (13.91m/45-7.75w); 2nd at adidas Track Classic (13.67m/44-10.25); 1st at Payton Jordan Invite (14.23m/46-8.25w); 3rd at USA Indoor (13.68m/44-10.75)
2008:14th in qualifying at the Olympic Games (13.52m/44-4.25); 3rd at Olympic Trials (13.96m/45-09.75); 1st at NCAA Outdoor triple jump (14.60m/47-11w) and 4th in long jump (6.56m/21-6.25); 1st at Pac-10 Outdoor triple jump (13.58m/44-06.75) and long jump (6.50m/21-04.00); 1st at NCAA Indoor triple jump (14.20m/46-07.25) and 4th in long jump (6.50m/21-04.00)
2007: 3rd at USA Outdoors (13.57m/44-6.25): NCAA Outdoor triple jump runner-up (13.67m/44-10.25) and 3rd in long jump (6.53m/21-5.25); Pac-10 Outdoor Triple Jump champion (14.15m/46-5.25); NCAA Indoor champion (13.91m/45-7.75)
2006: 2nd at NCAA Outdoors Triple Jump (13.66m/44-09.75) and 3rd in Long Jump (6.41m/21-00.50); Pac-10 champion in triple jump (13.47m/44-02.50) and long jump (6.53m/21-5.25)
2005: 13th in Group B at World Outdoors (13.29m/43-7.25); USA Outdoor champion (14.01m/45-11.75 American junior record); 3rd at NCAA Outdoors (13.62m/44-8.25); 1st at Pac-10 Outdoor Champs (13.78m/45-2.50); 2nd at NCAA Indoor (13.62m/44-8.25);
2004: 11th at World Junior Champs (12.89m/42-3.50; 8th at World Youth long jump (5.91m/19-04.75); USA Junior runner-up (13.30m/43-7.75); 1st at Texas 5A State Championships (13.21m/43-4.25)
2003: 7th at World Youth Champs (12.74m/41-9.75); 3rd at USA Junior Champs (12.85m/42-2)
2002: 12th at World Junior Champs LJ (5.75m/18-10.25); U.S. Junior LJ champion (5.88m/19-3.50); USA Junior TJ runner-up (12.71m/41-8-50); 1st at Texas 5A State Championships (13.23m/43-05.00)

USA/World Rankings and Personal Bests
2012: Indoor bests - 13.74m/45-1.00 (No. 2 in the USA)
2011: did not compete due to injury
2010: Indoor bests – 14.06m/46-01.50 (No. 1 in the USA, No. 18 in the world)); Outdoor bests  - 14.33m/47-00.25 (No. 1 in the USA, No. 20 in the world)
2009: Indoor bests – 13.68m/44-10.75 (No. 3 in the USA, No. 45 in the world); Outdoor bests – 13.97m/45-10.00 (No. 1 in the USA)
2008: Indoor bests – 14.20m/46-07.25 (No. 1 in the USA, No. 16 in the world); Outdoor bests – 13.96m/45-09.75 (No. 5 in the USA)
2007: Indoor bests – 13.91m/45-07.75 (No. 1 in the USA, No. 17 in the world); Outdoor bests – 14.15m/46-05.25 (No. 1 in the USA, No. 34 in the world)
2006: Indoor bests – 13.45m/44-01.50 (No. 5 in the USA); Outdoor bests – 13.92m/45-08.00 (No. 2 in the USA)
2005: Indoor bests – 13.90m/45-07.25 (No. 1 in the USA, No. 25 in the world); Outdoor bests – 14.01m/45-11.75 (No. 2 in the USA, No. 25 in the world)
2004: Indoor bests –  12.66m/41-06.50; Outdoor bests – 13.44m/44-01.25 (No. 14 in the USA)
2003: Indoor bests – 12.92m/43-04.75 (No. 25 in the USA); Outdoor bests –  13.13m/43-01.00 (No. 18 in the USA)
2002: Outdoor bests – 12.71m/41-08.50s
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