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Frequently Asked Questions - Event Organizers

Q: Why should I be a USATF Future Stars Meets event organizer?
A: By being part of USATF Future Stars Meets, you have access to financial assistance, sanctioning and insurance, branding materials, awards, and other assistance to help you run a successful, community-based meet in your area. You will become part of a large network of like-minded community-based meets, while still retaining your independence, local emphasis and community integration.
Q: Do I have to use the Future Stars Meet Manual and include only the events listed in the manual?                                                                          
A: Using the meet manual is optional. Experienced meet directors may choose to include different events, such as relays or other jumping events
Q: I see that USATF provides free ribbons to give to the top finishers. What about medals?                        
A: Ribbons are provided free of charge to event organizers. Medals may be ordered at an additional cost, if the event organizers prefers.
Q: Help! I don’t know anything about conducting TurboJav or race walking events!
A: The Future Stars meets manual includes instructions on these events. Race walk will help make the meets accessible to kids with a wide variety of interests and abilities, and TurboJav equipment is provided free of charge by USATF. In addition, reach out to your local USATF Association to solicit their help in operating these portions of your meet. Find your local Association at:
Q: Can athletes wear spikes or use starting blocks at USAT Future Stars meets?
A: Restrictions on spikes or starting blocks are at the discretion of each meet organizer.
Q: Do I have to do registration or timing through USATF for my meet?
A: All Future Stars Meets oversee their own registration, timing and other administration
Q: What does “USATF Sanctioned and Insured” mean?
A: USATF will provide liability insurance for your event through our umbrella policy. All sanctioned and insured events must abide by USATF rules and submit an after-action report
Q: How do the awards and branding work?
A: USATF will provide meet organizers with ribbons and 1 3x8 Vinyl Future Stars sign, which ust be displayed at the meet. Meet organizers can chose to ordering additional branded items if they like such as medals, finish line tape and additional signage. Templates for these items will be available once the Future Stars meet shave been selected.
Q: Do athletes have to be USATF members to compete in USATF Future Stars Meets?
A: Athletes do not need to be a USATF member to compete in these meets. Entry is FREE and open to the public for all USATF Future Stars Meets
Q: I see that Future Stars Meets have to host RunJumpThrow events. What is RunJumpThrow?
A: RunJumpThrow (RJT) is USATF’s hands-on, youth activity program designed to get kids excited about physical movement using basic activities related to track & field. The program is sponsored by The Hershey Company and is a great way to introduce kids to the basic elements of track & field. RJT is a customizable, 1-day program conducted as a clinic by event organizers, who can tailor the program to their needs. A 6-week lesson plan is also available for organizations looking for a longer-term program. For more information, visit
Frequently Asked Questions - Athletes

Q: How do I enter a USATF Future Stars Meet?
A: A calendar of USATF Future Stars Meets will start building on this website after February 23. It will contain contact information for each Future Stars Meet event organizer. Check back at regularly at to look for meets in your area.
Q: Do I have to be a USATF member to compete in USATF Future Stars Meets?
A: Athletes do not need to be a USATF member to compete in these meets. Entry is FREE and open to the public for all USATF Future Stars Meets.
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