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National Youth Athletics Minutes

Executive Board Meeting
Chicago, IL
October 25, 2003

The meeting was called to order at 9:20 a.m. Our Chairman Bob Flint welcomed everyone. In attendance were Erika Baxter, Dorothy Dawson, Mark Springer, Kim Haines, Harold (Lefty) Martin, Rita Ramsey, Bob Kreutz, Glenn Fortune, Norine Richardson, Nancy Seifert, Bob Flint and Larry Seifert.

Nancy asked for any additions to the agenda. There was one addition which will be handled under new business. Agenda approved.

The minutes were handed out by Nancy for approval. A correction was made on the Buffalo minutes for the location of the Youth Nationals for 2004. Change the location to Morgan State. Motion made to accept. Motion carried.


Nancy Kreutz gave a presentation on uniforms to be worn by the Youth Staff. The Board voted on and agreed on a shirt to be worn at Youth and JO Meets. Nancy will order them. Competition officials are required to wear the official's shirt.

USATF now has a Zero Tolerance program. Bob handed out the written decree from USATF. It will be implemented to all athletes except Youth.

At the World Youth Meet only four medals were given to the winning relay team instead of eight to include the alternates. Bob Kreutz made a motion that Mark send them a letter and medals. The Board agreed.

The background check subject was mentioned again at the National Ex. Board Meeting. The Board feels that the program is still not workable.

Lionel Leach and Linda Phelps were brought in on a conference call to discuss problems with some Regional Coordinators. Glenn, Kim and Norine are going to handle the situation and present their progress to the Board at our Ex Board meeting at the Annual Meeting.

Should we allow field event athletes to use their own implements? Board felt it would present too many problems, and they voted to stay with the present system.

Glen mentioned one of the rules being brought up for discussion. Putting the Hammer Throw in as a regular event in Youth and JO's. The Board recommended that the rule be passed to put the hammer in as an official event at the Youth National and an exhibition at the JO Association, Regional and National meets upon availability of a venue. Another rule being presented deals with allowing parents of under age unattached athletes to be allowed to vote at our youth meetings. The Board feels this is not a feasible change. Glenn will review the rule regarding the 200 start at indoor track meets.

Larry presented the entry forms for track and field which have been accepted. A couple of changes were made in the Cross Country form and it is not acceptable. He also handed out a guideline for the Regional Coordinators to follow in case of problems at their Regional Meet. Raising the entry fees was mentioned also. This will be discussed further at the Annual Meeting.

It was recommended that the Jury of Appeals be dropped to three instead of five. We feel all the Zones should be represented. We will have at least three out of the five for a Jury of Appeals.

Problems with the cross-country site in New Mexico were brought up. Bob assured us that they have been taken care of. He and Ron Boemker went and reviewed the site again.

The subject of the $500 travel grants for clubs was brought up. The Board feels that the criteria for a club receiving the funds is that they should be an active USATF registered club. This will be discussed by the Zonal Reps at the Annual Meeting.

Nancy mentioned all the sites for the 2005 bids. Cross-country: Rhode Island and Miami. For JO's: Nebraska, Indiana and Texas. For Youth Nationals: Louisiana, North Carolina and Tennessee. Members of the Board who will be doing the on-sites will present their findings at the Annual Meeting.

Bob Kreutz made a motion that we accept the new track event schedule for day 1 and 2. Motion carried with the change of race lengths. He then made a motion that for the JO meet we accept the new track event schedule presented for day 1 and 2. Motion carried. The field event schedule will be reviewed. The schedule will be presented at the Annual Meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 5:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by,
Nancy Seifert
Youth National Secretary

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