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National Youth Athletics Minutes

Executive Committee Meeting
Miami, FL
October 27, 2001

The Youth Athletics Committee met at approximately 7:00am.

In attendance were Bob Flint, Mark Springer, Erika Baxter, John Wissler, Lefty Martin, Shirley Crowe, Robin Beamon, Bob Kreutz, Larry Seifert, Carl Wallace, Nancy Seifert, Dorothy Dawson, Norine Richardson, Lionel Leach.


Discussion of the Youth Meet to be held July 3-7-2002 by Robin and committee.

Budget as opposed to expense account for our Youth Committee.

AAU issues regarding conflicting dates with USATF Youth

Compensation to officials.

LA Jets request for compensation because of wrong dates for Youth Meet 2001.

Approval for agenda at the convention.

Handling of rental cars at the National Meets.

Possibility of putting in hammer and steeplechase at our National meets.

Format for Regional Coordinators for Association, Regional and National Meets.

Survey to regional Coordinators regarding sub-bantam at National Meets.

Youth National Office Report by Mark Springer re: web site, law & legislation booklets, convention hotel, and sponsors.

World Youth Championship report

By law change request per Lionel for Linda.

On site evaluation presented for our review.

Contract concerns for National meets.

Rights fees and bid document.

Protocol for opening ceremonies at the National Meets.

Youth National awards not being distributed.

Verizon's involvement with Youth.

Assistant zone directors.

A Regional Coordinator representative for executive board.

Regional Coordinator funds for Regional Meets.

Norine's report on her observations at the National Meets.

National Staff Shirts.

Possible extension of Youth Meet days.


Robin and her team will make corrections we suggested for the Youth Passport.

Bob added to Youth expense account that two members of executive committee should attend the Association's Workshop.

AAU dates will be discussed with those in charge.

The Youth Executive Board will not recommend compensation to officials from youth meets.

LA Jets request for compensation will be handled by Bob Flint.

Convention agenda was amended and approved.

Rental cars for National Meets will be put into the bid document, as to procedure for securing and payment.

Hammer and Steeplechase will be taken under advisement

Larry presented a partial format for the Regional Coordinators. He will complete the format and present at convention to the Regional Coordinators

Mark only received responses from Region 1-3-5-7-9-10-12-15 regarding sub-bantam and Hy-Tek. This is going to be brought back under tabled items at convention.

Bob Flint is going to look into having a manual put together regarding the World Youth Championships. He will also have the selection committee by convention.

Bob Flint will contact Bill Roe regarding the National contracts, and rites fees. A committee has been formed consisting of Lionel, Dorothy, Bob Flint, and Norine.

Dorothy has asked for 10 days to make contact with Decatur regarding the Youth National Awards that have not been distributed. She will report to Bob Flint.

Regional Coordinators expenses should be taken care of by the Director of the Regional Meet. Minimum of four night lodging and per diem and minimum two nights lodging and per diem for cross country. Bob Kreutz made this motion and it was carried. The amount shall be per National Office travel policies. Will go into effect 2002.

Meeting adjourned at 6:15pm

Respectfully submitted by,

Nancy J. Seifert, Youth National Secretary

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