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Youth Athletics Committee 2005 Annual Meeting Minutes

Jacksonville, FL
December, 2005

Wednesday, November 30, 2005 - Session One
Meeting called to order at 4:30 p.m.
Quorum present

Linda introduced herself and spoke about the meeting format. Delegates must sign in and pick up their voting paddle. If you are an alternate you must have paperwork from the Association to change the name on the voting paddle. We have approximately 90 members who can vote.

Courtesy-type items: Please put cell phones on vibrate. Please take private conversations outside. You must be recognized from the podium to be heard. We do have a timekeeper, and we will adhere to the time. We have a booklet that Mona made up for the committee which you are asked to read.

Agenda additions:

  1. Alternative ways of advancing to National Junior Olympic Championships by John Wissler
  2. Chip timing @ National CC after 2007 by John Wissler
  3. Mark Springer award by John Wissler
  4. Lowering Youth Standards by Joann Camargo
  5. Using the USATF Online system for Youth Athletics by Inez Finch

Approval of the minutes with one correction was mentioned by Ruth White. The delay in the voting was not due to the voting booths but the traffic between the floors and the elevators. Minutes approved as corrected.

Linda introduced the Executive committee, Zonal Representatives, Delegates at Large, Regional Coordinators and also Sub-committees. Linda would like to expand these committees. We will be having our Zonal elections done by Member Services. We need a Sergeant at arms and Sam Germany and Ken Emerick will handle the positions. Ken Emerick will be getting information to Ken Ferguson for L&L.

Linda reported that it has been a very interesting year and she has traveled a lot this year. We have put together some check lists for the onsites. We started in January with the World Youth, which was continued on from Bob Flint our past chair. The team was downsized and, funding was a problem. We came home with 13 medals. We have been number one consistently. There were sixteen men and sixteen women. Bob Flint raised monies from the Associations in the amount of $6000, and this was used for extra cultural days. The next meet will be in the year 2007 in Ostrava, Czech Republic. The youth National in Knoxville was a first time 6-day meet and it went very well. Charles Oliver did a good job. The JO meet in Indy had about 6400 athletes. It was very successful. Only one downside was a grievance that was filed regarding a Relay Team. Cross Country in Rhode Island has an outstanding group and is going well. Last year Mark Springer passed away and we had a lot of challenges. Everyone on the Youth Committee and National Office stepped up to pick up the slack to fill the void he left. He will be missed.

Liz Turner Suscha and Mona Mascher made some comments regarding what they would like to see done this coming year. We are now trying to develop a timeline to better emphasize when things need to be done. We need to be pro-active. They would like to see us utilize the website more. They met with the AAU twice this year. Bob Flint started with the group and we are trying to continue working with the calendar. The indoor zonal meets went well. They were funded by USATF in the amount of $10,000. The budget for Youth is $20 thousand.

Linda asked if any questions. A question about AAU fees was brought up. Linda said there is a difference. If you wish to discuss our fees, bring it up under new business. Attend the General Competition meeting tomorrow and see what is going on regarding fees.

She welcomed new first time members to our meeting.

Bob Flint reported on Cross Country in Lawrence KS. We only had one bid and it was outstanding and it is called Rim Rock Farm, which is a Cross Country site only. The University, LOC and the CVB were very cooperative.

2007 Track & Field Walnut, CA. Mary E. Aude mentioned that it is a very good site. Be very diligent, and ask questions when they make their presentation.

2007 Track & Field Spokane, WA. Sam Germany said it was very well organized, good officials, and good meet management. He also mentioned that we should ask questions of the bidders when they make their presentation.

2007 Youth Outdoors Lisle, IL. Shirley Crowe mentioned that the first time we went there the facility was under construction. It is now completed. It is a good facility. Lefty commented that this was the first track that had all the Youth markings. Dorothy Dawson said that Shirley's instructions were followed when the track was being done.

Session adjourned at 5:30 p.m.

Thursday, December 1, 2005 - Session Two
Meeting called to order at 2:15 p.m.
Quorum present

Linda called the meeting to order. She again reminded everyone about our courtesy rules.

Nancy presented the Frank Sevigne and Bill Hargrove awards for 2004 to Mary Elizabeth Aude and the Oregon Association.

The ballots were picked up for the 2005 awards and Mary Elizabeth Aude and Liza Masceranas were asked to do the counting.

Greensboro NC gave their update on the 2006 Youth Athletics Nationals. They will be ready for our meet. They are getting items updated per the Onsite committee. Linda mentioned that information on the meet will be on the website shortly. Officials information will be on the Official web site.

Rhode Island 2005 Cross Country Youth Nationals. Lance Turley gave the report in the absence of Ron Boemker. Lance read an e-mail from Ron. You can go on line to order merchandise. Everything is ready to go and they are looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Nancy announced the winners of the 2005 Frank Sevigne award, Norine Richardson and the Bill Hargrove award to the Arizona Association.

Cindy Long gave a report on Associations. She mentioned the Insurance policy available for Associations. For a 12-month period, it is available online. A 3-month subscription to Road Runner and a prescription plan.

Bob Flint spoke about what went on in the General Competition Division meeting. They spoke again about what happened at the Association workshop. He didn't feel that the people in the room were impressed with what was being said. There will be another discussion on Saturday. This is a recommendation by the members to the Executive Board that will make the final decision. E-mail your comments to John Wissler asked if we could take a position as a committee. John Wissler moved that the current fee proposed we are not in favor of. There was a unanimous vote against.

Linda explained about the voting for the four zones. All information is on the back page of the agenda that was handed out. She then turned the proceedings over to member services.

Linda thanked Member Services for their help with the election. Those elected as zone representatives are:

Northeast Zone Lance Turley , alternate John Martin
Midwest Zone Lefty Martin, alternate John Wissler
West Zone Mary Elizabeth Aude, alternate Darrell Hampton
South Zone Inez Finch, alternate Willie Richardson

A motion was made to destroy the ballots. Approved

Kenny Emerick presented L&L to us:

We have some recommendations by the Youth Executive Committee Items to be tabled and we recommended to be kept are 7- 9 -12- 17-20- 23- 24 -30- 43- 50- 57. Ruth made a motion we accept the tabled items. It was seconded and passed unanimously.

We need to talk about rejecting items 11- 25- 26 48 -66. Ruth made a motion that we accept the rejections. John Wissler would like to take a look at them. John would like to pull item 66. Ruth will take a friendly amendment. Motion passed unanimously.

The Youth Executive committee recommends we accept the following 1-5- 6- 8- 10- 13- 21- 27- 28- 29-31-36- 38 -40 -41-47- 52- 53- 55- 56- 58-65- 67. Ruth made a motion that we accept all items read. John is concerned about looking at the items. The time was extended to 15 minutes.

Pulled items 6- 52. Moved and accepted to pass. Unanimously passed.

Recommended for discussion: 14-16- 22- 37- 39- 42-46- 49- 51- 54- 66- 52. John Wissler moved that we go into discussion. Approved unanimously.

Item 6: Background screening. Moved and seconded to be approved. Discussion. It is a trial basis for 06 and final in 07. Call for question. 36-7 item passed. Item 14: Move to approve option 1 seconded. Question called. Approved unanimously.

Item 15: Moved and seconded to accept. Discussion. Note 15 is an alternative to 16 Friendly amendment to adopt 15 and reject 16. Question called. 24 for 1 opposed. Item passed.

Item 22: Moved and seconded to accept. Discussion. Question called. Unanimously opposed.

Item 37: Moved and seconded to oppose. Discussion. Question called. Unanimously opposed.

Item 39: Moved and seconded to accept. Discussion. Question called. 11 for 14 against. Item rejected.

Item 42: Moved and seconded to accept. Discussion. Question. Unanimously rejected.

Item 43: Moved and seconded to remove from the table. Unanimously rejected.

Item 44: Move and seconded to approve. Discussion. Amendment to take out in conjunction with the National Office in section e-1. Question on Amendment. Unanimously passed. Amendment to take out under g-3 "fees" sports committee and the National Office. Question. Unanimously passed. Item as amended unanimously passed.

Item 45: Moved and seconded to approve. Discussion. Question called. 9 for 20 against. Item failed.

Item 46: Moved and seconded to approve. Discussion. Question called. Item passed.

Item 49: Moved and seconded to approve. Discussion. Question called. Motion has been withdrawn. Motion to table. Unanimously passed.

Item 51: Moved and seconded to table. Question called. 27 for 16 against.

Item 52: Moved and seconded to accept. Discussion: Amended to notify the membership chair or their designee. Unanimously accepted. Second amendment was made to change online to electronic transmission. Seconded. Amendment rejected. Motion to remove online. Seconded. 21 for 17 against. Motion passed on third amendment. Question called. Moved to accept.

Item 54: Moved and seconded to accept. Discussion. Question called. Unanimously passed.

Item 66: Going to membership services for approval. This was approved.

Kenny will return tomorrow for Youth items.

Linda asked who did not receive the Youth Book handed out with Youth Operating procedures in it. We will have more booklets made-up.

Session Adjourned at 5:30 p.m.

Friday, December 2, 2005 - Session Three
Meeting called to order at 2:15 p.m.
Quorum present

Lionel started the meeting and mentioned that Dorothy Dawson is not here because of an injury she sustained.

Jim Duncan gave us his report on the Standards for the upcoming season (see attached). Jim gave his explanation as to how the standards are determined. John Wissler mentioned because of the lower numbers should we maybe consider changing the standards. Jim feels comfortable with them. He feels that the attendance is there. Motion to accept standards as presented. Motion carried.

Lionel informed us that we will not need a roll call as we have only one bid for the Cross Country meet in 2007.

Lionel reiterated what Linda has been asking us to consider before each session regarding cell phones etc.

Lionel asked Baltimore to do their update for the 2006 JO National meet and he prefaced their presentation with the fact that all is in place and in agreement with the Youth Executive Committee and the National Office. Tanya Rush gave their update and introduced her staff. She met with Officials Committee Chair and they advised her that they would accommodate officials to the fullest.

Spokane gave their update for the 2006 Cross Country event. A handout was given out with information pertaining to the meet. Introductions were made and they assured us that they are ready for our meet. They mentioned that the Association and Regional Cross Country meets went very well. Lawson mentioned that he would like to implement a new part to Hy-tek regarding Cross Country. This should be presented to the computer committee.

Alma Price gave us an update on the "Doping Program". Products can be purchased online that are still harmful to our children. Nutra has information regarding some of the drugs on line.

Denise Smotherman reported on records: she gave everyone a handout with all the records. The information is online. She asked everyone to please review pending records in the handout and give your comments. John asked about the 5000 M RW at the JO meet running the two divisions together. Does this take away the record. We will table this until Denise talks to Darlene. John moved that we accept all records with the exception of RW # also correction on a name change and other corrections. Denise will make corrections and bring back to the committee. Approved.

Lefty has asked if anyone has meet records from past Youth Athletics meets. If you have them, get them to Lefty.

Linda went over the rules regarding voting for the bidders. We will be voting by paddle only as we have only one bid for Cross Country.

Lawrence Kansas presented their bid for the 2007 Cross Country Meet. It will be held at Rim Rock Farm. They gave a fifteen minute presentation and a fifteen minute question and answer period.

Kenny made a move that we accept by acclimation. All approved.

The 2007 Cross Country meet will be held in Lawrence KA.

Liz Turner Suscha, Manager of Grass Roots Program has been very busy with the Annual meeting. Mona Mascher is our Programs Coordinator and Andy Martin the Director of Grass Roots Programs. Call her anytime if you have any questions or problems.

President Bill Roe came into visit. He mentioned the meetings with AAU and the scheduling problems. We have solved national dates with them. Susan Johnson has a problem with her dates. Bill said they will hopefully have it worked out for 2006. Liz, Linda, Andy and Bill have been working on this with their staff person Garrett. Lefty asked about a Regional that does not want to comply. Linda asked that he report to her and she will try and clear it up. Glenn mentioned that we are changing our JO dates, Bill & Linda said we are trying to find a common denominator. Glenn has calendars printed up and will pass them out for us to look and review. Linda said people want to run both programs and we need to try and accommodate them. The AAU is here to stay as is USATF. Bill made a couple of corrections on the handout before leaving the room. Bill mentioned the membership fees that were talked about in the General Competition meeting. We need more input and more study before this will be implemented. John asked about World Youth Assignments being taken out of the Youth Hands and given to someone else. Bill assured us that this will remain the same. His and Jill's piece of legislation was put in to make sure everything was put out in the open for everyone to view. Erika asked about the increase of fees. Bill said any fees raised by any specific sport committee that the monies would go to them if the fees increased. There are many avenues to be explored regarding membership fees.

Linda then made mention of the president's awards recipients: Erika Baxter, Nancy & Larry Seifert and Joann Grissom.

The issues regarding the World Youth Selection are tabled for the moment and Linda will be meeting with the High Performance Committee later this evening to discuss.

Kenny Emerick discussed items tabled - 49 & 51. L&L committee wrote up a revision to Item 49 which was handed out for the committee review. A motion was made to remove item 49 from the table. Motion passed. Item 49 put into two parts. Motion to accept seconded. Discussion. Passed unanimously. Ken asked about removal of item 51.It has been removed by the presenter. Ken will make sure it is in the proposal for next year.

Youth Committee operating procedures: They are the sole property of the Youth Committee. Items:

Item #1 moved and seconded. Discussion. Question. Approved unanimously.
Item #2 moved and seconded. Discussion. Question. Approved unanimously.
Item # 3 moved and seconded. Discussion. Question. Approved unanimously
Item #4 moved and seconded. Discussion. Question. Approved unanimously.
Item #5 moved and seconded. Discussion. Question. Approved unanimously.
Item #6 moved and seconded. Discussion. Question. Approved unanimously.
Item #7 moved and seconded. Discussion. Question. Approved. 2 against.
Item #8 moved and seconded. Discussion. Question Approved unanimously.
Item #9 moved and seconded. Discussion. Question. Approved unanimously.
Item #10 moved and seconded. Discussion. John Wissler would like to amend it to read that the Chair would make a report at the annual meeting of any actions taken by the Executive Committee while the Committee as a whole was in recess. Motion to pass amendment approved unanimously. Question on item 10 as amended. Passed as amended.
Item #11 moved and seconded Discussion. Question. Approved unanimously.
Item #12 moved and seconded. Discussion. Question. 6 for 32 against. Item failed.
Item #13 moved and seconded. Discussion. Question. A friendly amendment to remove protest referee and put in administrative subcommittee. Question. Approved unanimously.
Item #14 moved and seconded. Discussion Question. Approved unanimously
Item #15 moved and seconded. Discussion. Amendment made that if no alternative sites available the Youth Executive Committee will contact sites that have successfully done championships in previous years. Amendment to the amendments stating which will have held championships in previous years. Question called. 4 against 32 for. Approval of item #15 as amended again. 2 opposed 34 for.

Items proposed to the rules this year by IAAF are on different years then ours. We are doing this to be in compliance. Glenn Fortune reported that most of our rules were being brought in to be in compliance. The rules committee is at this time finalizing and he would be able to discuss with us what has been tabled. He will get a summary together for us to be available tomorrow. John asked about hurdle heights. 39" for the 110 highs for Glenn will look into that. On item #38, the 2000 steeplechase, make sure no conflicts. Item #40 wording on the vault. Item #78 reversing the days on the decathlon for women only (does not effect youth at this time). Item #7 revised regarding the starter. Item #19 you cannot see any mechanical devices.

Kenny reminded us that next year is a rule year and to get any rule changes to Glenn and Ken so they can work on the language. They must be submitted 90 days before convention.

New Business moved to tomorrow.

Darrell Hampton and Mary E. Aude gave their report on World Youth. Darrell thanked everyone for the honor bestowed on him. He told everyone that it was a very positive experience. Mark Springer was very instrumental in helping him with this project until his untimely death. He was very pleased with the staff selection. The team selection was very challenging. Darrell's motto was "together everyone achieves more". The budget was a real challenge. He thanked those Associations that contributed to the World Youth as this allowed the team to have many cultural experiences. He would suggest that we change our rules regarding where we draw our athletes from. The IAAF establishes the rules.

Mary reported that she was not initially on the staff. Lionel, Darrell and the rest of the team were more prepared and had more time. She was able to step in and have a great experience. 32 athletes were taken and they were given an opportunity to participate as world class athletes. Over 171 countries participated. Ages are 14-15-16. Bob Flint explained how the World Youth concept started. He feels that the athletes should come from a USATF Youth Program. Lionel thanked Mary for stepping in and doing such a wonderful job. We did come out number one.

Session ended at 6:30 p.m.

Saturday, December 3, 2005 - Session Four
Meeting called to order at 10:00 a.m.
Quorum present

Linda again reminded us of the courtesy rules.

Darlene Hickman came in to address the issue regarding 5000 K Men's race walk record. She stated that they are protected by rules. Moved and seconded to accept the record. Passed unanimously.

The Bid for USA Youth Outdoor Track & Field for 2007 was presented by Lisle, IL. They gave their 15 minute presentation and 15 minute question and answer. Dorothy Dawson made note that this is an Association event with the cooperation of the CVB and the University. The bid for the USA Youth Outdoor Track & Field Meet at Lisle, IL for 2007 was voted in by acclimation.

We are continuing with our Agenda left over from Friday: Glenn Fortune spoke to us about the schedule. Moved and seconded to approve the calendar as presented. Discussion. Question. Unanimously accepted.

John Wissler reported on the Youth Track Coach's Association: Lamine Diack, the President of IAAF requested that he be allowed to sit in on their meeting. He spoke for about 15 minutes and showed his strong commitment to Youth. He has asked for our help with their Youth Program. The Coaches had a discussion of the 4 x 8 in the Jr. Olympic schedule. They would like to leave as is. There was also concern about the Hammer being held on the first day of the Youth Meet. They would like it changed. Background check was also discussed and the problems that might occur. Coaches of the year were also selected for 2005 and they will receive their awards next year. If you want to be a member, see Larry Seifert, Treasurer. Dues are $10. Coaches Plaques for 2004 were given out to Midwest zone Larry Seifert, Southern zone Sam Smith, West zone Robert King. Officers John Wissler, Liza Mascarenas and Larry Seifert thanked the Youth Committee for their support. Inez asked if we have a Coach's web site for Youth. John will follow up on it.

Regional Coordinator report from Larry Seifert: He met for three hours yesterday with the Regional Coordinators to try and improve our programs. We will be working closer with the youth chairs to solve any problems. We will be preparing guidelines for our new Regional Coordinators. They would like to see the Youth Committee purchase a hy-tek program to be used at our meets. They would like to see all of our meets starting with the Association use hy-tek. More tweaking will be done on the entry form. It was mentioned that they would like to have a better web site for Youth with more information. Should something be put on regarding ADA and e-mail.

New items: John Wissler mentioned about athletes being allowed to advance from a race walking clinic directly to the Nationals. Linda said that a tremendous amount of material was put out by the Race Walking Committee and we did allow 6 athletes to advance. We extended this for one time only. Linda will hand out our Youth Calendar to the Board of Directors so that will not happen again. We will also have this put on the web site. John would like to make a resolution that we support the Executive Committee when it has been made known from the Youth Committee that rules are followed. Sam would like to see us abide by the rules. Resolution seconded and carried.

Chip timing: John Wissler made a motion that for bids past 2007 Cross Country Junior Olympic Nationals require chip timing. Seconded. Discussion. Question. John will withdraw and bring up to rules for a change next year.

We interrupted new business to introduce Mona Mascher our Youth Programs Coordinator.

John would like to move that the Youth Executive Committee discuss giving a Mark Springer Award to a club in our Youth Group. Seconded. Discussion. Question. Motion carried unanimously.

Joann Cameron spoke regarding lowering standards. Jim Duncan gave her an explanation as to how they were reached and she was satisfied with Jim's explanation. Kenny Emerick said if we want it changed it would have to be presented to rules. Why the difference of standards between Youth Meet and JO. We base it on numbers. DeEtte asked if it worked this summer, and it was reported that it did.

Inez Finch spoke about the USATF online system. Motion that we use the USATF online system as a requirement for the Youth Meet. Those that use paper submit normally. Seconded. Discussion. Bob Flint suggested we have a list of different data entry systems and their cost. Coach "O" spoke on his system and said there were no problems the first year. He charged $100 for his program. He has donated $15,000 to Youth and feels that his program should be considered. This item needs to be put in the bid document. This would be for 2008. Question called. 9 for and 31 against. Motion failed. Linda is encouraging our bidders to use online entries.

Gordon asked if we have a technical committee to facilitate our needs. We do have a committee.

The South Zonal meet has been changed from Louisiana to Tennessee.

Motion made to close out all New business. Seconded. Discussion. Question. Motion carried.

You may pick up applications for Morgan State Officials today.

Pat Pretty Coaching education: Level one will have available on 2-1-06 DVD's for $250.00. You may get them from National Office through Tina Kaufmann. You can do the test in one calendar year via your USATF number online. Level 2 schools July 1-8 University of Nevada and Reno. Gill as our sponsor has four pages dedicated to USATF and information on schools will be there. Larry asked about instructors being USATF members. Pat said this was voted on and they should be. Kenny asked about the dates conflicting with our Youth Meets. Pat said we are catering to the collegiate coaches. Pat is trying to get other coaches to do the clinics. Let Pat know if you have a site. Laurie feels that we need to get more youth coaches involved. If you have a problem let the Coaches Education Committee know about it. A question came up about sharing the $250.00 fee for a group. Pat said they will work on that. Pat then reported on the Multi events as referee for Youth and JO. Make sure athletes bring their poles in on the first day. We need viable scales. Make sure poles are okay. Multi events went really well at both meets. 225 at Indy. 93 at Tennessee.

Coach King commented on his Coach of the year award.

Session ended at 12:00 p.m.

Saturday, December 3, 2005 - Session Five
Meeting called to order at 2:10 p.m.
Quorum present

Inez Finch has asked for a zone meeting after the session.

Outstanding persons from the Associations were read by Nancy Seifert .She will send the list to National Office so that they will be able to send out the certificates of Appreciation.

Ken Ferguson elaborated on what goes on in L&L and highlighted items he felt we should know about. They need to know what idea the party that submits the L&L is trying to get across to us. We need to be more specific so that he can draft language to convey the idea to the L&L committee when he is called upon to explain. Background checks has been approved. A Grass roots name change was rejected. The residency item #49 the Board rejected to say that they have to solicit all committees including Youth regarding fee raising if and when the decision is made. Item 42 high performance committee selecting the National Team. Agreement reached to table so that the Youth committee can discuss and bring up next year. Frosty mentioned our concern about it. Ken assured us that this is going to be done to be consistent with policies. Any tabled item can be brought up on the floor. He would hope that the committees have conveyed that this shouldn't be done. Linda will keep us updated in our Ex committee meetings as she meets with those parties concerned. Lionel said that we had Ken Ferguson in there and he did a good job of presenting the case for Youth.

Linda went over the rules for the bidding procedure. Bidders who have a vote are allowed to vote after the presenters are done. This will be a roll call vote.

Walnut, California (Mt.Sac) will be bidding for the 2007 Junior Olympic Track & Field Championship. They gave a 15 minute presentation and a 15 minute question and answer period.

Spokane, Washington will be bidding for the 2007 Junior Olympic Track & Field Championship. They gave a 15 minute presentation and a 15 minute question and answer period.

Roll call was done by Nancy Seifert of all voting delegates.

Norine Richardson, Bob Flint and Liza Mascrenas will do the counting.

Charles Shepherd gave his report on the Athletes for the Disabled. The Government agency committee has withdrawn their funds. They are still in business, but will need help. We need coaches clinics to get proper training. He gave a list of the various meets that they participate in. There will be a training session this year. This country has only one person trained for qualifications.

The ballots were counted and Linda announced that the 2007 Junior Olympic championship will be held in Walnut, CA. Motion made and seconded to destroy the ballots seconded. Discussion. Question. Motion carried.

Ron Williams gave his report for Coaches Advisory: Terry Crawford is the President. Not much going on as far as Youth is concerned. The IAAF hurdle height for Jr. National changed from 42 to 39. The recruiting NCAA 2007-2008 signing period will be changed from the first Wednesday in February to the first Wednesday in July. Feb 4-5-6-7 is a dead period no contact with athletes. August 1st begins contact period. 2nd Monday of December to 1-6 quiet period. Coaches cannot make contact with athletes. Jr.Commission has set ages for world youth 15-17, world Jr. 16-19 (male) and 14-19 (female).

Zone Reps: Information for 2006 Indoor meets:

Lance Turley Northeast 2-26 - New York Armory
Lefty Martin Midwest 2-19 Ada, Ohio. We are trying to rotate next year to Nebraska
Mary Elizabeth Aude West 2-11 Reno NV. Darrell and Susan for Mary E.
Inez Finch South reported that they are deciding about the date and will get info out.
Flyers are available for some of the Zonal Meets and will be on the web site soon
You do not have to go the meet in your Zone.

Applications are available for the World Youth Staff.

Final Session adjourned at 4:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by
Nancy Seifert, Youth National Secretary

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