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Youth Athletics Committee 2003 Annual Meeting Minutes

Greensboro, NC
December, 2003


Meeting called to order at 7:45pm - Quorum present

Bob Flint welcomed everyone and asked that they pick up their voting credentials. He stated that you must have a letter from your Association officer in order to change a vote.

We will be having Zonal nominations this year. If you are a Regional Coordinator you must give up your position, if you plan on running for that position.

Approval of agenda and additional items given. They will be added under New Business on Saturday's session.

a. entry fees
b. cross country Nike
c. N/East Invitational, Footlocker
d. world youth team, athlete selection approved
e. bid notification
f. national order of events
g. new event implementation
h. birth verification
i. changing the name of the "Midget" division

Agenda approved.

Minutes of 2002 were approved.

Bob had all committee chairs introduce themselves.

He then commented on the budget for Youth Athletics. We did very well. Bob has asked for funds for 4 zonal indoor meets. We have $10,000, to implement them. He has asked for suggestions from the youth and will be working on this next year. National Office will provide awards for this Meet. Please give Bob any suggestions you may have. We need to make sure we act on this as National Office is in favor of developmental meets. Bob, Mark Springer and Bill Roe met with AAU committee this fall in Orlando to discuss organizations. They were invited to the AAU convention, and did attend. The biggest topic of conversation was trying to work on conflicting dates. They have their dates scheduled 5 years out.

Report of Site Selection Teams:

Cross Country 2005, Miami, Florida and Providence, Rhode Island. Bob Kreutz reported that both were found to be good sites. Listen to the presentations by the Bidders and make your decision.

Harold Martin gave a report on Junior Olympic 2005, Indianapolis, Indiana, Omaha Nebraska, Pharr, Texas.

They are all good bids. Listen to the presentations by the Bidders and make your decision.

Shirley Crowe gave a report on Youth Athletics Championships 2005, Greensboro, North Carolina, Knoxville, Tennessee. They are all good bids. Listen to the presentations by the Bidders and make your decision.

Youth Athletic awards given out for 2002 by Nancy & Bob. John Wissler, was presented the Frank Sevigne and the Nebraska Association was presented the Bill Hargrove award. It was given to Frosty Anderson, Association President.

Tabled rules: Kenny Emerick gave the rules for discussion. 2 minutes per person for discussion. Total of 10 minutes

Item # 5 has been removed from the table. Move to accept . Discusssion. Move to accept the note to item #5. John W. is asking for an amendment to the amendment. The hammer throw shall be contested at the Youth Athletics and Association only.

Amendment voted down. Friendly amendment by Frosty Anderson. He withdrew his amendment. Moved and approved to extend for another 5 minutes. Kenny would like to change the amendment to read. The hammer throw shall be a contested event at the Youth Athletics Nationals for Intermediate and Young Men & Women. 28 in favor and 16 opposed. Motion carried.

Voting on Item #5 with the amendment. 39 For and two against. This will be presented to L&L for approval.

Item 10: it has been asked that this item be tabled. Motion carried. Point of Clarification, we want to remain with the two false start rule.

Item 9: Move to reject the item. Motion carried.

Records Report: Denise Smotherman & Ginger Mulanax gave committee a hand out on the records for 2003. Please look at and give corrections to Denise or Ginger. Motion made to accept. Motion passed.

Bob Kreutz made an announcement that Charles Lewis is not doing well. Ginger will get an address so we can send cards

Session adjourned 9:20pm.


Meeting called to order at 6:15pm- Quorum present

Ballots distributed for the Youth Athletic Awards.

Bob asked that the Miami bidders leave the room for the Providence Bid.

Providence made their presentation for the 2005 Cross Country meet. They gave a fifteen minute presentation and a fifteen minute question and answer period.

Bob announced the Youth Award winners: The Frank Sevigne award, Nancy Seifert, The Bill Hargrove award Niagara Association.

Welcome back to Ron Jackson, who has been absent because of health problems.

Miami made their presentation for the 2005 Cross Country meet. They gave a fifteen minute presentation and a fifteen minute question and answer period.

Ballots and evaluation sheets were passed out to the committee for voting.

Judge Richardson and Kenny are going to the rules committee to find out what is happening regarding the hammer.

The 2005 Cross Country meet will be held in Rhode Island. A motion was made to destroy the ballots. Motion carried.

Session ended at 7:45PM


Meeting called to order at 9:00am - Quorum present.

Pat Pretty made a presentation on Coaches Clinic by handing out flyers and asking everyone to read. There are many opportunities to get coaches certifications.

He further reported on the meet in Buffalo. We got off to a late start, but it continued on and progressed into a good meet. There were 99 multi event athletes.

The JO meet we had in Miami had over 109 combined. The meet was well run.

Robin asked about the ballots being destroyed. She would like all votes to be tallied and the number given to the committee. Robin made a motion that the ballots after the election not be immediately destroyed and they be held up to an hour after the session ends and that the number of votes be revealed. Motion carried 45-3

The Knoxville bid was presented with a fifteen minute presentation followed by a fifteen minute question and answer period.

The Greensboro bid was presented with a fifteen minute presentation followed by a fifteen minute question and answer period.

Ballots were passed out for voting to the committee appointed by our Chairman.

Lionel gave us an update on the Hammer throw. The Youth committee has presented some guidelines to the rules committee before we consider putting it in our JO program.

The rules Committee wants the Hammer put in our 2005 program whether we want it or not. Our legal counsel mentioned that we cannot be forced into this situation, and she is addressing this issue. Robin suggested that we have an open forum and put some time on our agenda to prepare for an open discussion on the floor when it comes to voting on this issue. The National Committee does not want this to go to the floor for voting. Our Youth Committee will continue to negotiate.

The total vote count was presented for the Youth Nationals 2005. Knoxville has won the bid. The vote was 39-24. The ballots will be kept until one hour after the session ends.

Linda Melzer came in and thanked everyone on behalf of the Officials Committee for our help and cooperation especially implementing the use of the Certified Officials shirt.

John Wissler has invited everyone over to the Outback for lunch.

Bob announced that the ballots will be destroyed at 12:08.

Session ended at 11:15AM


Meeting called to order at 1:15pm -- Quorum present

Jon Drummond spoke to us about the incident that happened in Paris and gave his insight. He also wanted to thank the Youth from the Elite Committee. If we need any help don't hesitate to call him. He would like to hold a Jon Drummond meet and also a foundation in his name.

Bob gave some rules for question and answer periods during the bids and also during discussion after a motion. There will be only two questions per person, until others have had a chance to ask questions and then they may ask another question. There will be a one minute time limit.

Kenny Emerick reported that he, Glenn and Lionel have a favorable report regarding the rules committee regarding Hammer. The Hammer under 245.1(c) amended to read, the hammer throw is an optional event in the Junior Olympics until January 1, 2007 when it becomes an official event. This date is based upon the implementation plan developed by Youth Athletics. Robin asked if we could conceivably continue this until 2110. The answer is yes. Moved and seconded to accept this motion. 42 for and 13 against. Bob will assign an implementation committee.

Indianapolis/Illinois, gave a fifteen minute presentation and a fifteen minute question and answer on the 2005 Junior Olympic Bid.

Pharr Texas, gave a fifteen minute presentation and a fifteen minute question and answer on the 2005 Junior Olympic Bid.

Omaha Nebraska, gave a fifteen minute presentation and a fifteen minute question and answer on the 2005 Junior Olympic Bid.

Ballots were passed out for voting.

Lionel also welcomed back Sam Smith who has been absent because of ill health.

Bob has asked the following people to serve on the committee for implementation of the hammer. Lance Turley, Kenny Emerick, Sam Germany, Robin Beamon, John Wissler.

The votes were presented for Junior Olympics 2005. We will be going to Indianapolis, Ind, with a vote of 36, Pharr, Tx. 19 and Omaha, Ne. 11. A motion was made to hold the ballots for one hour from the close of balloting. Motion carried

Session ended at 3:45pm


Meeting called to order at 10:15am -- Quorum present.

Dr. Mark Troxler from the medical committee handed out two reports. He mentioned that the N.M. Cross country medical is in order. He further commented on the tables he has compiled regarding the athletes over the past several years. A form has been established for the championship meets to fill out regarding daily injuries. The Zero Tolerance policy was also mentioned. You can get more information from USADA by calling them or going on the web site. There is a book out "The future of Youth Athletics" telling why athletes drop out of the sport. Mark felt it a worth while read.

2003 Cross Country in Albuquerque, N.M. Ron Mascarenas reported 2700 athletes registered to date. The web site will be updated by Monday.

Patrice Wilson reported on the 2004 Schamburg, IL. cross country. The web site should be up and running by Feb. 1, 2004. Everything else is coming along fine.

Barb Smith reported on the 2004 Youth Nationals for Baltimore. The entry form should be on the web site by February. The new location will be put on the web site immediately. Inez would like the team roster concept for on-line to be looked into. Lionel explained that USATF National office is working on the web site to address the issue of the relay roster. Barb is asking that athletes bring their Birth Certificates if they have not had it verified on their membership card. Robin has asked that we still insist on birth certificates if they register on line just as a precaution.

Glenn Fortune and Barb Kousky gave their report on the JO meet in Eugene Oregon.

They do have a web site They will be putting the passport on when completed. Hotel information is on right now. January 2nd the dormitory information will be posted. Room and board package including food, will be available for adults and children, (three meal plan) $35.00 per day. They are requesting at least one adult for every 10 youths. Free shuttle from the airport to the main hotels. Discounted airline rates for Eugene and Portland. No shuttle service from the Portland airport. Mike Olsen in charge of officials has been here at convention handing out applications.

2002 Cross country report, Carrollton GA. submitted by Ron Boemker was passed out to the committee.

Despite a few glitches (see attached report) it was a well run meet.

2003 JO report on Miami by Dorothy Dawson. It was a good meet, and it was well run by all concerned. They did comply with all meet requirements. Dorothy thanked Robin for running such a good meet.

2003 Youth Nationals in Buffalo reported by Linda Phelps. The meet itself ran very well. They complied with all requirements. It was very gracious of them to help out with the World Youth and making sure they got of to Sherbrooke, Canada.

Jim Duncan gave his report on the Standards. A handout was given to the committee. (see attached). The formula is based on 8 places. Moved and seconded that standards be accepted. Motion carried.

Nancy asked that if you have any outstanding people in your Association that you would like recognized with a certificate from the National Office, to get the names to her and she will make sure Mark Springer gets them. They usually go out the beginning of the year.

Bob asked us to get in our suggestions regarding the zonal meets. The Executive Board will meet later this afternoon to discuss locations.

Kenny Emerik said that our proposal has been accepted by the rules committee, regarding the Hammer.

New Business:

a. entry fee: Lionel stated that our fees have remained the same for the past 26 years. He would like to propose that our JO fees be raised $1.00 at all levels, per event. For Cross country, raise to $10.00. Inez asked that we separate the two, as a friendly amendment. John Wissler asked we not raise the cross country fee. Lionel has withdrawn his motion. Motion carried. Motion to separate the two has been carried. Lionel made a motion that the events be raised to $2.00 maximum at each level. Lionel made a motion to raise cross country fees to $2.00 maximum at each level. Motion carried. This will be effective as of 2004. John Wissler would like to have the fees raised for the Combined events. John is making a motion that the combined fees be raised to $2.00 in the Triathlon and Penth. In the Decth. and Hept. be raised to $4.00. Motion defeated. Bob Kreutz has asked that the new fees be put in the youth guide. Inez made a motion that the Penth and Triath be the same for the Youth as the JO fees are. Seconded. Those in favor 27. Opposed 14. Motion carried.

Session ended 12:15pm


Meeting called to order at 1:15pm - Quorum present

b. cross country/Nike: Char, Lionel, along with Bill Roe and Nike discussed the Border clash and the problems with the cross country program. Nike is running a cross country National meet. They will have masters, open men and women and intermediate and young men and women. They will be replacing the Footlocker meet. So many rumors have been going around, that he wanted to say that this meet is going to take place. The concepts and the type and structure of the meet is still in progress. We want to keep our athletes in our program and we will have the executive committee look into it. Ron made a motion that we accept the Executive board ruling on this matter. Motion carried. Lionel made a motion that we would add two high school divisions to our cross country meet. 36 for and 7 against.

Char made a motion that we increase the relay entry fees to $32.00. Seconded. Those in favor 39. Opposed 6. Motion carried.

c. World youth team: John Wissler felt the process for selecting athletes needs to be looked into. Bob feels that we have to be able to track the athletes. We do have a budget, but more funds are needed to include some cultural experiences. Bob is working with the National Office to work on this issue. Communications need to get out sooner to the parents, athletes etc.

d. Bid specifications: John Wissler made a motion that the bid documents be out 3-1, sent in 6-1 and on sites 10-1. John withdrew his motion. Bob explained that he is aware of the problems and is trying to work out with National Office.

Thomas Johnson from the Athletes advisory committee spoke to us about the World Youth Meet. He will report to his committee and make them aware of our World Youth problems. He felt there was a great World Youth Team and they did a really good job. Bob commented on the fact that he was not only an advisor but contributed a lot of help to them.

Robin made a report on the coaches background screening pilot program. She handed out an "Incomplete Draft" It is being tested in 7 Associations. When your club application is sent to National Office you must include the $5.00 per background check or your club will not be accepted. National Office will advise you as to whether your persons have been accepted or not. You will not be told why they have been rejected. The person listed as your club contact will receive the information that the person has been rejected. It is up to that person to appeal. Motion made to accept Robin's report. The motion passed.

Joy Kamani came in to make a few comments on the World Youth trip to Canada. The selection committee is a work in progress. She felt it was a good trip and all aspects of the meet were covered. The athletes had many personal best performances. She feels that this program has a very good effect on the athletes that participate. There were very few applications sent in for the selection of staff. Get your applications in or inquire to National Office.

e. National order of events: John Wissler wants to know if we are going to keep the 4x8 in the multi or move it back. John made a motion that we move it back to its original place. Seconded. John withdrew his motion. Patrice Wilson made a motion to have the 4x8 permanently put in on the multi day. Seconded. 41 for and 2 against.

f. New event implementation: John Wissler wants to know when we put a new event in how are we going to let the committee know when. Kenny said it goes into effect when it is passed through rules and put in the rule book. Basically it would be January 1st.

g. Birth Verification: Inez Finch stated that if you receive birth certificates, you need to get them to your membership chair so they can verify them.

h. Removing Midget Division name from Youth: David Bullock said the Screen Actors Guild members of the dwarf division took offense of our name and asked David if he could address the issue at convention. Mary asked if they had any suggestions. Ron defined dwarf and midget and he will discuss with David, as to what action would be taken if any.

Regional Coordinators report: Larry Seifert reported that the individual entry form and relay form be used by all Association and Regional meets. Guidelines have been put in to effect regarding inclement weather. The Youth chair or an appointee must be at the Regional Meet.

Kenny Emerick reported on the false starting rule. The Youth will still have our old false start rule regarding two false starts.

The Zonal election was held. Northeast Zone Linda Phelps, alternate Lance Turley. West Zone, Mary Aude, alternate Glenn Fortune. Midwest, Lefty Martin, alternate John Wissler. South, Erika Baxter, alternate Ron Williams.

Calendar Committee: Linda Phelps & Glenn Fortune: we are doing 2008. Association June 12-15...19-2226-29. If any changes with CC we would come back next year and discuss dates etc. From the Racewalk Committee, the National Youth Racewalk Championship will be held in Pharr Tx. May 30, 2004. It will be 3K and 5K.

Youth Coaches Association: John Wissler reported that any new members see Larry Seifert with your dues. Coach of the year from 2002 was recognized. Those for 2003 are John Martin NE, Jim Engle MW, Lori Smith Thompson, W, Walter Pinion, South. The subject of the "Midget" name for Youth was brought up, with various suggestions.

Associations Committee: Roma Poole reported that they are the liaison to the committee. The big topic of conversation was the coach's background screening which Robin had already reported on.

Noreen Richardson reported on Law and Legislation: Article 6 Associations should only have one account. Delegates at the convention Article 9any voting delegate must be a member of USATF. Rule 7-B athletes staying in their Association for 90 days. This is still undecided. Most of the items were tabled or withdrawn. She will update any new information and get to Nancy Seifert to add to the minutes.

Please be alert at the closing session regarding the Hammer.

Kenny Emerick said the whole package could be pulled and it would be taken off to the corner and if not resolved it would be brought back to the floor.

Motion to adjourn at 4:50pm.

Respectfully submitted by
Nancy Seifert, Youth National Secretary

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