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Youth Athletics Committee 2002 Annual Meeting Minutes

Kansas City, MO
December 4-7, 2002


Meeting called to order - Quorum present

Welcome by Chairman Bob Flint. Only registered delegates may vote.

Nancy asked for nominations to be presented at the end of this session for the Frank Sevigne and Bill Hargrove awards.

Approval of agenda and additional items given. They will be added under #8 new business to be handled at the Friday session.

a. Footlocker and JO XC conflict of dates
b. New Sponsors
c. Medical
d. Entry Fees
e. Multi-year membership
f. Entry Procedures

The minutes of 2001 were approved.

Bob introduced all of the committees and welcomed them to the convention. He then commented on the Youth Budget. It will be available for review at the General Session.

The National Board of Directors is working on a Strategic plan. Youth is very much involved.

The Membership Committee advised us that all elections must take place before Saturday. We have reflected this in our agenda. Make sure and use the brown schedule that is being handed out at the convention.

Please look at the new bid documents or inquire about them. There have been changes made, so please consider biding.

Bob Kreutz is reporting for Cross Country in the absence of chairman Ron Boemker. He reported on Schaumburg, Illinois, and Joplin Missouri. Both are good sites. It will be up to the membership to make the choice. Site evaluation forms will be available for your review on Friday prior to bid presentations.

Kenny Emerick & Glenn Fortune will handle the rules discussion and procedures. Kenny handed out a flyer on the process, which stated that: 1. Debate shall be limited to items pulled. 2. Debate shall be limited to 10 minutes per item. 3. Time may be extended 10 minutes by motion and vote of the committee. 4. No member may speak a second time to the item as long as any other member desires to speak and has not spoken to the item and as long as the discussion is within the allocated time of debate. 5. Members desiring to speak to the item must rise and be recognized by the rules chair prior to speaking. He also handed out a flyer on the recommendations from the Youth Rules Committee and the Youth Executive Committee. The presentation was delayed so that we could secure proposed rule book changes for those that didn't have them.

Denise Smotherman gave her report on Records: in 2002 we had 14 records set. Denise passed out a list of those records. She asked for approval. Records accepted and she will present to Records chairman.

Bob Flint made a report for Law & Legislation in the absence of Cheryl Gray. Kenny mentioned that IAAF and USOC changes will be abided by Youth. Inez asked about the item on page 11, section regarding clubs. Emerick said that they are eliminating National clubs. This does not apply to the Youth Clubs.

Kenny continued with rules: books were passed out to the voting delegates.
What items need to be pulled: 150, 144, 158, 149, 3, 140,147,156,160,161
John Wissler made a motion that we approve of all items not pulled. Motion carried.
John Wissler made a motion that we accept rejected items not pulled. Motion carried.
Items 123 and 152 withdrawn.
Item 3 amended to read legally documented non-citizens. Motion accepted to approve
Item 140 basically same as Item 3. Motion accepted to approve.
Item 144 motion made to reject. Motion to extend discussion 10 minutes carried.
25 votes to reject 25 to accept. Motion failed
John Wissler made a motion that Item 144 be accepted as written.
22 voted for and 26 against. Motion passed.

Bob asked that we make a motion to finish the rules session for tonight. Bob Kreutz made the motion. Motion carried.

Item 147 accept as amended. Motion accepted to amend . Motion carried
Item 149 motion made to accept. 19 for 20 against. Motion failed.
Item 150 motion made to accept. 21 for 19 against. Motion carried.
Item 156 as amended motion made to accept. Friendly amendment coach/parent.
Motion carried.
Item 158 motion made to accept. Amendment to remove the combined event competition to read top three to Nationals. Motion made to table the amended Motion until multi-event chairman available to give us statistics. 19 to table 17 opposed. Motion made to table the entire item. Motion carried. It will be brought up again on Friday between the 2 and 6:30 session. We will request that Pat Pretty be present.
Item 160 as amended motion made to accept. Motion carried. 38
Item 161 as amended motion made to accept as amended. Motion carried.
Motion made to untable Item 158 and its amendment. Pat Pretty presented his statistics.
The amendment failed. Inez made motion we add amendment to accept the third or fourth place athlete. Motion failed. Motion to accept 158 passed.

Bob thanked Kenny and Glenn for the good job they do.

Bob has asked Dorothy to handle the nominations for officers:
There were no nominations for Chairman, Executive Chairman, Vice Chairman of Operations, Vice Chairman of Administration. One nomination for secretary, Inez Finch
Nominations open for 5 At Large Delegates: Frosty Anderson, Denise Smotherman, Ron Graham, Ron Boemker, Kenny Emerick, Mary Aude, Roma Poole, Bill Mongovan, Mary Watters, Gloria Wright, Cheryl Knox, Elizabeth Tate.
Nominations were closed. The nominations will be posted prior to elections per Member Services instructions.

Session adjourned


Meeting called to order. Quorum present

Bob gave instructions regarding the bid procedure.

Doug Padilla a guest speaker spoke to us regarding cross country registration. They would like the authority to charge an increased fee payable to the organizing committee, for entries that are waived in or late. He would like the option of using other software. Now we use Hy-Tek.

John Wissler suggested we present the problem of waivers and late entries to by-laws. As for Hy-Tek, it was voted on by the membership. He would have to present to our technology committee.

John McCardle a guest speaker spoke to us regarding USATF Foundation. They are very pleased with the response from our track and field community. We can designate were we want our donations to go. They will be giving annual reports to account for the monies and how distributed.

Bob asked the bid presenters to get set up. All delegates must remain in the room until both bids are presented.

Schaumburg, Illinois presented their bid promptly at 10:00. Introductions were made and a slide presentation was given. The hotel rate will between $59-$99. Flights are affordable because of O'Hare Airport being such a large hub. Twelve properties are within 15 minutes of the course. All hotels offer free parking. Shuttles will be available. The course is spectator friendly. No paved trails, mostly grass, not very hilly. Weather conditions are cold and they usually don't have snow at that time of the year. Medical staff will be provided per the contract. Ruth White asked questions regarding officials. They will be taken care of per our contract. There will be a tent area for the athletes to keep out of the weather until their race.

Joplin, Missouri presented their bid promptly at 10:35. A short video was presented of the course, and the organizing committee. Introductions were made. The campus is a rolling hills development. Motels located within 15 minutes of the course. The weather will be moderately cold. Airports are convenient. Ruth White asked questions regarding officials. They will be taken care of per our contract. Hotel rates will be from $50 to $69. Shuttle will be available on an as need basis. The Missouri Valley Association along with the Sports Authority will be running the meet. Rental cars will be available at special rates along with vans.

Roll call was made by Nancy Seifert and ballots were passed out to the voting delegates.

Kelly from USATF, guest speaker presented a scholarship program available. Please pick up at the National Headquarters or from Kelly.

Schaumburg, Illinois was awarded the bid.

Meeting adjourned


Meeting called to order. Quorum present.

Ballots distributed for the Youth Awards. Nominated were Pat Pretty, John Wissler, Wisconsin and Nebraska Associations.

Kenny reported on rules, all passed except 144 on the hammer. A Task Force has been formed , starting with Kenny and Glenn. We have agreed to work together with the Masters, Men and Women's Committees to come up with a viable plan that will work for the Youth Program. They will present at next year's Annual Meeting after all statistics are compiled.

If you have any Youth Athletes that meets the requirements in the hammer for the World Youth Meet please let the Youth Committee know.

Dr. Mark Troxler and Dr. Harmon Brown from the medical committee:
Dr. Brown explained how the youth program was developed and a key part he had in it. The IAAF is interested in organizing and developing a youth program. Dr. Harmon and Bill Roe came up with some guidelines and recommendations. It has been presented to the Youth Committee before any other Committees. He gave us a printout of the Workshop recommendations and asked that we review and comment. A booklet will be sent around the world with procedures and suggestions for the Youth Program. They will also work on an Athletes bill of rights. They are also working on the age definition. The IAAF has proposed a revision to IAAF Rule 141. They must be 16 years of age but under18 by December 31 of the calendar year. Dr. Brown would like our recommendations by the end of our sessions.

Linda Phelps recommended that it be put under new business tomorrow, for discussion. Motion carried.

Dr. Troxler discussed drug testing. He gave out a report for our review regarding drug testing and supplements that can and cannot be taken. He elaborated on the fact that we should read labels and be aware of what is in the product. Also beware of all natural products and products that promise results immediately. We should most of all exercise common sense. He also discussed what he felt was necessary in terms of physicians and trainers for our major meetsYouth and Junior Olympics. A question and answer period followed.

Fred Newhouse for US Corporate Track & Field. They form teams corporations that compete against each other. They would like to become part of USATF. Their goal is to promote Track & Field for all of the USATF entities. If we have any Regional Coordinators who could give them some time. Saturday at 10:00 am.

Charlie Shepherd for the Athletes for the Disabled. USOC has formed the US Paralympic committee. The problem is they are focusing on the Elite Program. He would like to see Youth involved. How can we help the disabled athletes? He suggested as coaches and clubs, invite disabled athletes into our clubs. If you have any questions or concerns, contact him.

Pat Pretty reported on the combined events for Youth and JO. He mentioned his concern about qualified medical (pole vault in Minnesota). He reported on the Youth Meet in Florida. There were 109 athletes. We did have some rain delays. JO had 225 athletes. It went very well.

He also reported on Coaches Education. It is coming along quite well. He gave dates for upcoming Coaches Education programs. He also mentioned safety equipment that may come into effect for Pole Vault. The women are still moving toward Decathlon.

Member Services came in to conduct the election of the Youth Officers and Delegates at Large.

Motion on the floor by Roma Poole that all the officers submitted except Secretary be elected by acclamation. Motion carried. Roll call taken to distribute ballots by Member Services, for election of Secretary.

Jan Johnson, ASTM Pole Vault Safety Chair, gave a report on the new restrictions regarding pole vault. He made suggestions concerning equipment. They have set up an advisory board to educate parents, coaches and athletes. There will be a web site available

Election continued. Nancy Seifert was elected as Secretary.

Roll call was done and ballots were distributed for Delegates at large.

Denise Smotherman, Frosty Anderson and Mary Waters were elected on the first ballot and Roma Poole and Ron Graham were elected on the second ballot. A motion was made to destroy the ballots. Motion carried.

Bob Kreutz gave the Cross Country report in the absence of Ron Boemker. It was held in Lincoln, Nebraska for 2001. 2300 entered and 1815 finishers. Had some technical difficulties in the chute. Results were slow, awards ceremony late but well run. Overall it went very well.

Dorothy Dawson gave a report on the Junior Olympic meet in Miami, Florida. Lightning was a problem. It was a good meet. There were many good family comments. The food, shuttle and accommodations were very good. Officials were treated very well.

Linda Phelps reported on the Junior Olympic Meet in Omaha. The meet was excellent. Meet management took care of all the details. Behind the scenes we were able to network with the Hy-Tek computers and it worked very well. We did have one lightning delay. The athlete village was good. The Officials shirts were most colorful.

Inez Finch gave a report on the up and coming Cross Country meet. 2875 athletes have registered. The medical is outstanding -- doctors, ambulances and helicopters. We did have some problems with entries, but they are all in now. Looking forward to seeing us in Georgia.

Ron Mascarenas reported on the Cross Country in Albuquerque for 2003. Passport will be ready in March. Everything else is falling into place.

Lionel Leach and Ron Graham reported on Youth Nationals in Buffalo 2003. They are going to adhere to a deadline. No entries after June 20th. No starting times will be posted in the Passport. They will be posted on the web site. They will use on-line entry. A preliminary passport will be available tomorrow. A correction on the above. An unofficial time for events will be in the Passport. You will be able to enter on-line individually and as clubs. You will be able to pay by credit card. The Youth Athletic form will follow the same format as the one used for Junior Olympics. There will be fees listed for on time entries and late entries. Races that are competed in lanes, the top eight will automatically come back to the finals. They will use qualifying standards.

Jack Hardes gave report on 2003 Junior Olympics in Miami. They are very pleased to be working with the Youth Committee and the Officials. We will be able to e-mail our data base and check to one place when our Regionals are done. Tropical Park is complete and will be ready. He introduced all the people that will be involved. Patrice Wilson and Derrick Calhoun will be the Meet Directors. General Information Book was passed out and is up to date. The time schedule for the meet has been changed. We will be coming down during what is called the dry season. Many changes have been made to accommodate everyone.

They would like us to supply them with some human interest stories. There will be a web site available to get this information to them. John had a question on the 4 x 8 change. This is the schedule the Executive Committee has developed. There was a question on the Midget Boys and Girls Triathlon, and the problem with the 4x8. Pat Pretty stated that it was up to the coaches to decide what is best for the athlete. At the present time this is a one year time schedule. A question on the Doppler system? Robin stated that it was based on the lightning detector. Safety was the main concern.

Motion made to adjourn


Meeting called to order. Quorum present

Bob mentioned that we will have some additional speakers to our agenda.

Nancy announced the recipients of the outstanding persons in their Association. They are Jack & Carol Porter of Inland Northwest; Bruce & Cindy Long, Three Rivers; Ken King, St. Louis; Ron & Liza Mascarenas, New Mexico; Jay Dirksen, Nebraska and Sue Pearson, Arizona.

Plaques were awarded to our 2001 recipients of The Frank Sevigne Award, Dorothy Dawson and the Bill Hargrove Award, Illinois Association. The Recipients of the 2002 Frank Sevigne award is John Wissler. The Bill Hargrove award went to the Nebraska Association. They will be given their plaques at next year's Annual Meeting

Jim Duncan presented the 2003 Performance Standards for combined events and track & field. Question was brought up concerning the word Standard as opposed to Guidelines. Bob suggested that we take a vote as to whether we should use the word standard or guidelines. Glenn Fortune made a motion that we call them standards. Motion carried. Motion made and carried to accept the standards as presented.

Mr. Connolly regarding the hammer throw reported that the matter went to the rules committee and they proposed a task force to examine what is necessary to implement the proposal.

Tom Taylor from Hy-tek presented some options that the Associations have. One is to call Hy-Tek at tm lite. 252-633-5111. Also, for free they can make CD's to send in electronically. Do entries on line. Licensing is offered by Hy-Tek. There are four options. You can contact them for information and procedures. E-mail at or

John Wissler made a motion to instruct the National Headquarters to have a discussion with Youth regarding the conflict of dates between Footlocker and the National meets. Bob spoke to National Headquarters and they told Bob there were limited dates in the month of December. Bob asked for a motion that a sub-committee be formed to handle this. Motion was made and carried.

Erika Baxter mentioned that she feels we need to look into our medical help at the major meets. Bob advised her that it is a problem we are working on.

Lionel spoke to the issue of sponsors that would directly affect our grassroots program. One of them is using discount rates. Coach USA is one of them that we can utilize for our National Championship. They will be on the USATF Web and information will be sent to all registered clubs. Enterprise Car Rental will also give us a 25% discount and also help the LOC. Lionel is working on the airline situation. Bob mentioned that we are not able to solicit for Sponsors. We can call them "Benefits".

Multi-year membership is not offered at a discount. Can we look into the matter? Bob said we can approach the membership committee. Bob asked our representative Richard Lewis to look into the matter.

Inez brought up the matter of entry procedures. She would like to reinforce that it starts with the Youth Chairs to inform their Association people how important it is to fill out the forms properly. It was suggested that e-mail be put on the form. John would like to see a uniform age verification stamp. Bob will inform National Headquarters to send them out to the Youth chair and Regional Coordinators.

Lionel brought back on the floor the IAAF Revision to IAAF rule 141 - age groups 14-17. It would now read at least 16 years of age to under 17 in the calendar year. John Wissler made a motion to accept. Seconded. Motion defeated. Motion made to change to read any athlete under the age of 18 and at least 14 years of age in the calendar year of competition. Motion carried.

John Wissler concerned about the qualifications for the World Youth Meet. The Junior meet has been allowed to come into the qualification area. John made a motion that the Youth Committee demand that the collection from the World Youth team come only from Youth Athletic meet and the JO Meet. Motion carried. Bob will present to the Executive Board.

DeEtte Anderson reported for the Regional Coordinators in the absence of representative Larry Seifert. They were given their meet directions by Robin Beamon for the 2003 Junior Olympics and given up-to-date literature. New verbiage will be added to the entry form. Larry Seifert was re-elected as Regional Coordinator representative.

Linda presented the calendar committee recommendation for 2007. Motion made to accept, seconded. Correction made on North Carolina instead of South Carolina for Annual Meeting. Motion carried.

Linda reported on the computer committee: There were some problems in Florida with the servers. It was handled. We have been asked to look at an alternative program. Linda would like to know if we want to change. John Wissler made a motion that we re-afirm that Hy-Tek is our program in track & field and cross country. Motion carried.

Youth coaches association report made by John Wissler. Russ Ebbets, has a magazine called Track Coach Magazine and if we get articles to him regarding youth he will be glad to print them. You can reach him at PO Box 229, Union Springs, NY 13160, e-mail There were over 40 coaches with voting privileges, and they feel that officials should be appointed by the Youth committee for the Youth National Championships.The dues are $10 per year and they will be given a patch to verify membership. They will be producing a newsletter for the coming year. There were some concerns about the change of the 4 x 8 at the JO's. Liza M. gave a report on the World Youth Program. Dr. Brown said they would be having a meeting.

Coach of the year for the zones were selected

The World Youth Committee has a booth here at the annual meeting for any information we may need.

Richard Lewis for membership. New Jersey petitioned to become part of Mid-Atlantic.

Officials report by Laurie Boemker. Officials compensation was discussed which does not affect the Youth meets at this time. They have adopted a national shirt. They have also purchased weather writer boards. The shirt issue was brought up. It is not mandatory yet that the Officials shirts been worn at the National meets.

Discussion was brought back on the floor regarding the entry date for the Youth meet. We will abide by the Executive Board decision to follow the 14-day cut off.

Meeting adjourned

Respectfully submitted by
Nancy Seifert, Youth National Secretary

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