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Meeting Minutes

USATF Board of Directors
Conference Call
May 18, 2011

Jack Wickens, Ken Taylor, Philip Dunn, Elizabeth Phillips, Bob Hersh, Dr. Evie Dennis, Steve Holman, Steve Miller, Max Siegel, Kim Haines, Aretha Thurmond, Willie Banks, Deena Kastor, Larry James (non-voting Counsel), Darlene Hickman (non-voting Secretary)

USATF Staff: Mike McNees, Benita Fitzgerald Mosley, Norm Wain, Gina Miller, Jill Geer, Sandy Snow, Terry Crawford, Shayna Sangster

Quorum was present. Jack Wickens opened the meeting at 4:00pm (EST).

MOTION (Taylor): Approve the February 26-27, 2011 minutes with approved amendments.
All in favor. Motion Passed.


The audits are in their final round of review. The expectation for 2010 is that there will be positive net income resulting in an increase in reserves. This does not take into account the current litigation. 2011 is going as planned. The budget committee has approved additional funding for the World Youth Championships, which McNees will review in his report.

MOTION (Taylor): Accept this report as information.
All in favor. Motion Passed.


McNees distributed a written report prior to the meeting. The report requested Board action on increasing funding for the World Youth Championships. The amendment will fund an additional 16 athletes to the championships.

MOTION (Miller): Approve the budget amendment for additional funding for the World Youth Championships.
All in favor. Motion Passed.

The AAC has requested access to the $100,000 set aside by the Board to host an Annual Athletes Gala. The Gala would honor past and present athletes for their contributions to the sport. The event would also raise funds to support athlete needs and events. The Board agreed that more questions need to be asked to ensure this proposal is following best practices.

McNees also gave departmental reports. Grassroots reported an increase in membership from 2010 to 2011. He also reported that the Accreditation subcommittee voted to rescind the accreditation of the Metropolitan Association after they failed to meet improvement deadlines. Last, McNees reported on the progress of the 2012 Millrose Games. The negotiations are underway.

Annual meeting planning is on track. Wickens reported that this year’s event will have a number of features that will enhance the event. More reports to come.


Competitions Committee

Zero Tolerance Policy
A Zero Tolerance Policy task force was formed to review and update the program. The group met and distributed recommendations to the Board.

MOTION (Hersh): Approve the Zero Tolerance Policy Amendments
All in favor. Motion Passed.

Big Three Event Managers
Mosley presented the recommended event managers for the 2011 World Championships, 2011 Pan American Games and 2012 Olympic Games. A selection committee vetted the applications and made recommendations to the competitions committee. The competitions committee has now passed the list on to the Board for approval.

MOTION (Dennis): Approve the event managers for the 2011 World Championships, 2011 Pan American Games and 2012 Olympic Games.
All in favor. Motion Passed.

Lashawn Merritt
Mosley updated the Board on a petition allowing LaShawn Merritt to utilize his bye into the 400m at the World Championships. The Men’s Track & Field Committee will make a recommendation on the matter directly after the 2011 USA Championships.

Athlete Selection Procedures
USATF is required to submit athlete selection procedures for the Olympic Games to the USOC for approval. Mosley submitted the procedures to the Board for approval.

MOTION (Haines): The 2012 Olympic Games Athlete Selection Procedures were approved by the Competition Committee on May 4, 2011 therefore be it resolved that the 2012 Olympic Games Athlete Selection Procedures be ratified by the Board of Directors.
All in Favor. Motion Passed.

World University Games
The World University Games organizing committee has agreed to pay for US athletes and staff to come to the event. The team selection will be based on performances at the 2011 US Outdoor Championships. USATF would pay for visa and passport expenses.

MOTION (Taylor): Approve the formation of a team for the World University Games.
All in Favor. Motion Passed.

Business Development Committee

The committee is pursuing many sponsorship agreements and having very substantive conversations.

Audit Committee

The Audit committee will meet with the external auditors in Indianapolis on June 4th.

Old Business

McNees has reached out the President of the TFAA and is waiting to hear back.

The Board moved into Executive session at 5:00pm (EST).

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