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Meeting Minutes

USATF Board of Directors
Conference Call
September 30, 2010

Stephanie Hightower, Jack Wickens, Philip Dunn, Aretha Thurmond, Ken Taylor, Elizabeth Phillips, Dr. Evie Dennis, Deena Kastor, Jeff Darman, Steve Miller, Kim Haines, Steve Holman, Bob Hersh, Max Siegel, Larry James (non-voting Council), Darlene Hickman (non-voting Secretary)
USATF Staff:  Mike McNees, Jill Geer, Benita Fitzgerald Mosley, Gina Miller, Norm Wain, Shayna Sangster
Guest: Christina Corl
Quorum was present. Stephanie Hightower opened the meeting at 5:04pm (EST).
MOTION (Taylor): Approve the September 15th minutes.
All in favor. Motion Passed.

The US Olympic Assembly took place in Colorado Springs this past week and Dr. Evie Dennis attended on behalf of the Board. Several USATF staff members attended, including Mike McNees. Earlier in the week McNees distributed an update to the Board on the Olympic Assembly, where he met with new sponsor, BMW, attended NGB Council meetings and had a chance to speak with USOC CEO Scott Blackmun. He also spoke with the media and assured them that the Board and staff are still focused on the strategic plan and are not slowing down.
Jill Geer is in the process of implementing a new communication plan, where the Board members have a chance to communicate directly to the public.  There will be periodic blogs from different Board members posted on the website.  The first blog, from Hightower, has already been posted.
Hightower and McNees plan to travel to Colorado Springs in the next few weeks to meet with, USOC CEO, Scott Blackmun.  They will discuss the recent changes in the organization and ensure that the Board and staff are still focused on completing goals related to the strategic plan.
Hightower has had three conference calls with USATF volunteer leadership, including the officials, youth committee and associations.  They have all unanimously expressed their support for the Board and the organization.  This was the beginning of monthly communications that will be sent to the USATF constituency base, allowing the Board to continue to build confidence and support.
The AAC has submitted another memo asking about the funds related to the 2004 Olympic Trials contract. Hightower will work with McNees, Gina Miller and Willie Banks to form a response. The athletes on the Board will also be consulted before the response is sent out.
McNees has spoken with Athletes Advisory Committee (AAC) Chair, Jon Drummond and is laying the groundwork to bridge the gap that’s perceived between the staff and the athletes. Benita Fitzgerald Mosley and Jill Geer have completed a communication plan that will allow the staff to communicate more effectively with the athletes.
Proposals for the TV production of the Visa Championship Series are due this week.  The events department is waiting to see what companies respond, then will move forward from there.
The 2012 Olympic Marathon Trials contract is almost complete.  It has been sent to the Board Counsel and to Houston for review and should be executed before the October Board meeting. The 2012 Olympic Track & Field Trials contract is still under review.  There are some issues that need to be worked out with the local organizing committee. A conference call with the USOC is in place to outline the immediate steps that need to be taken to get the agreement with the USOC in place.
The 2011 budgeting process is underway.  Each of the senior staff members is working with their committee members to complete their budgets. The budget will come to the Board after it has passed through the budget committee.
Business Development Committee
Jack Wickens reported for the Business Development Committee, noting that all of the current sponsors are stable.  There has been some interest from potential sponsors and a few active opportunities with current USOC sponsors.
AAC/High Performance
Deena Kastor has been communicating with the AAC on the search committee process and keeping them up to date.
Ken Taylor distributed an analysis of the Boards spending prior to the meeting and noted that the Board should be within the budget by year end. The 2011 budget cycle is underway and a final budget will be presented to the Board for review by mid November.  The 2009 form 990 is completed, but waiting review from the Board before it is filed.
Compensation/Personnel Committee
The committee has interviewed three search firms and the process is moving along smoothly.
Law & Legislation/Elections
Bob Hersh presented a new procedure for selecting IAAF candidates, indicating that under the new bylaws the Board makes the nominations based on recommendations from selected committees. Hersh will give a thorough report at the October Board meeting in Indianapolis, in which he will present a draft letter asking the panel/committee to reach out to potential candidates and come up with recommendations at the Annual Meeting.
Operations Committee
Max Siegel has started discussions with McNees and Norm Wain on ensuring that whatever the organization is doing, from a business development, philosophical and strategic stand point, the appropriate departments and people on the staff are engaged in the process and have the necessary resources to get the job done.
Annual Meeting
The Annual Meeting schedule is in its final stages and everything is proceeding as normal.  If anyone hasn’t scheduled their committee meeting then they need to contact Brian Brase as soon as possible.
The Podium Education Project is scheduled to take place in the days leading up to the Annual meeting.
MOTION (Dennis): Move into the Executive Session to discuss personnel and executive compensation matters.
All in favor. Motion Passed.
The meeting moved into Executive session at 6:10pm (EST).

MOTION (Taylor): Approve the September 15th minutes.
All in favor. Motion Passed.
MOTION (Dennis): Move into the Executive Session to discuss personnel and executive compensation matters.
All in favor. Motion Passed.


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