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Meeting Minutes

USATF Board of Directors
Conference Call
January 20, 2010

Stephanie Hightower, Steve Miller, Aretha Thurmond, Willie Banks, Ken Taylor, Elizabeth Phillips, Jeff Darman, Philip Dunn, Jack Wickens, Kim Haines, Bob Hersh, Steve Holman, Deena Kastor, Max Siegel, Larry James (non-voting counsel), Darlene Hickman (Secretary)

Office Staff:  Doug Logan, Mike McNees, Lamont Jones, Benita Fitzgerald Mosley, Jill Geer, Gina Miller, Shayna Sangster

Quorum was present.  Stephanie Hightower opened meeting at 4:05pm (EST).


President and Chairman Stephanie Hightower met with USOC President Larry Probst in California where they discussed the hiring of the new USOC CEO, Scott Blackmun.  Probst would like USATF to work with the USOC on their international relations plan.  This is a high priority for the USOC and all of the national governing bodies will be involved in the process.


Personnel Committee
The compensation study has been completed by the consultant.  The Personnel Committee will meet in the upcoming week to review the report and the consultant will attend the February Board meeting where all the Board members can review the report in Executive session.
Business Development Committee
The Business Development Committee has added three additional non-Board members.  The committee is now focusing on sponsorships, but future topics include: TV, internet, and webcasting strategies; and improving/expanding event and meet presentation.
Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is currently revising its charter.  Larry James put together a revision and is now waiting for input from the committee.
Budget Committee

The 2010 budget was passed on November 30, 2009. The budget committee is finalizing the revised travel policy.
Operations Committee

The Operations Committee is scheduled to have a call within the next few days to outline the objectives of the committee.
Competition Committee

The Competition Committee will meet with Benita Fitzgerald Mosley the Friday of the Millrose Games to discuss Project 30 matters and to lay out an agenda for the remainder of the year.


Doug Logan presented his 2010 theme for the national office staff; “Everything right, all the time.”  Logan is insisting on quality work from the ground level up.
This year, there are three indoor meets in the Visa Championship Series (VCS).  In the past, the Tyson meet in Arkansas was the fourth VCS meet, but Tyson has decided not host the meet this year due to the impact of the recession on their organization.  Next year, the Competition & Business Development Committees will be faced with the prospect of adding another VCS meet to the schedule.
The Millrose Games is the first meet of the series and will take place on January 29th.  USATF has operated the meet under license with the Millrose Trust and the agreement is subject to renegotiation this year.
The long form of the Nike agreement is in its final stages and should be completed within the next two weeks.
There are still some financial issues that need to be resolved with the USOC regarding money they owe USATF from 2009.  A group from the USOC will be traveling to Indianapolis next week to try to resolve the matter. 


Jack Wickens discussed the momentum from the Annual Meeting and how the Board can capitalize on the progress made there.  Wickens and Mike McNees have worked together to draft an Annual Meeting survey.  The survey is an electronic document available on Survey Monkey.  McNees agreed to send the survey out to the Board members for comments.
The Grassroots Department is in the process of conducting market research on the members, which will be considered by the Business Development Committee.
Hightower, Logan and Darlene Hickman will be in contact with Dexter McCloud to discuss the Diversity & Leadership Committee.
Hightower will send a memo out to the Board asking for recommendations for the Ethics Committee.


The Strategic plan is being revised to match up with the 2010 budget.  The plan is also being reviewed to align all the tactical items with a Board committee.  The tactical plan will be distributed to the Board prior to the February Board meeting.
MOTION(Phillips): Approve the November 30th minutes.
All in favor. Motion Passed.
MOTION(Taylor): Approve the December 6th minutes.
All in favor. Motion Passed.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:55pm (EST)

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