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Meeting Minutes

USATF Board of Directors
Conference Call
Sunday, October 25, 2009

Attendance: Stephanie Hightower, Deena Kastor, Ken Taylor, Philip Dunn, Elizabeth Philips, Aretha Thurmond, Willie Banks, Evie Dennis, Steve Holman, Kim Haines, Max Siegel, Jack Wickens, Steve Miller, Jeff Darman, Larry James (non-voting counsel), Darlene Hickman (Secretary)

Office Staff: Doug Logan, Mike McNees, Lamont Jones, Shayna Sangster

Other Attendees: Cristina Corl (Crabbe, Brown & James’ LLP)

A quorum was present. Stephanie Hightower opened the meeting at 6:00pm (EST).

In mid October, Chairman and President Stephanie Hightower and Doug Logan traveled to Birmingham, England for the announcement of the 2012 training camp. The training camp will take place in the summer of 2012 for a period of six weeks. After leaving Birmingham, Logan traveled to London for the Economist Conference, where he met with several potential sponsors.

On October 27th, Logan will meet with Larry Probst, Chairman of the USOC Board of Directors. Logan, along with several other NGB Executives, will discuss the recent USOC criticism and how to face the future in a positive mode.

Logan will also be traveling to the New York City Marathon to speak with those interested in hosting the Marathon Olympic Trials in 2012.

Hightower congratulated Max Siegel who was featured on the Sports Illustrated website for launching the Revolution Racing Team.

Annual Meeting:
Hightower asked that as many Board members as possible attend the Annual Meeting. On December 3rd, Erika Anderson will be attending the opening session to present the new strategic vision. Please make your arrangements as soon as possible. The Sunday Board meeting will start at 11:00am and will last about two hours. Make flight arrangements to leave after 3:00pm. There will be a call-in number for those who are unable to attend.

Expense Policy:
Ken Taylor sent the proposed expense policy to all board members. Many did not receive the document, so the discussion was postponed until the next Board call.

Ethics Policy:
Everyone needs to submit their ethics statements by January 15, 2010. On December 1st, the national office will be send a list of USATF sponsors, vendors and suppliers.

Prior to the meeting, Logan distributed an Executive summary of the proposed Bylaw amendments. He reviewed the proposed changes and the objections to those proposed changes.

MOTION: (Dennis) Accept Bylaws as amended.

Aretha Thurmond voiced concern that athletes are not more involved in the team staff selection process. Hightower clarified the issue by stating that the prior process allowed three athletes a vote on a 23 member selection committee. This did not allow the athletes to sway the vote in any significant way. The new process allows athletes to be in the room when the pool is formed. Next, the pool is vetted at the national office then submitted to the competition committee (which has an athlete representative). Therefore athletes are involved in every step.

Darman also reminded everyone that the selection from the national office is actually a recommendation. The Board committee will have the final say.

MOTION: (Darman) Table the motion on the floor.
All Approved. Motion Passed.

Hightower called for an immediate conference call with Judge Murphy to see if the Bylaws can still be amended for the future and how to address this at the Annual Meeting. Hightower will send an email and everyone should address their concerns in response to that email.

The next conference call will take place the first week of November and will go into executive session.

Meeting adjourned at 8:16pm (EST).


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